Thomas Millington ca.1680-1714

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Thomas MILLINGTON ca.1680-1714

The larger of Millington's bookplates (British Museum Franks Collection *291)

Biographical Note

This bookplate is assumed to be that of Thomas Millington, who was admitted at Lincoln's Inn in 1701 and was MP for Great Bedwyn from 1711 until his early death three years later. It is possible that it was in fact used by his father of the same name, a successful royal physician who practised in London until his death in 1704; however, he was knighted in 1680, and the bookplate does not include the title "Sir". Neither, however, does it include any mark of cadency which might be expected while the father was still living. It seems that it could have been used by either (or both) of them. The family estate was at Gosfield Hall, Essex.


Evidence of a library is based on two engraved armorial bookplates of different sizes, one dated 1703 (Franks *291, *294). Its extent is not known; Thomas the MP left a very brief will leaving all his estate to his sisters, while the will of his physician father is also brief, leaving his estate to his children (partly in trust during their minority), with no mention of books.