Thomas Osborne 1632-1712

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Thomas OSBORNE, Duke of Leeds 1632-1712

Biographical Note

Son of Sir Edward Osborne (1596–1647) of Kiveton, Yorkshire. Travelled on the continent with Sir William Temple, during which time he became acquainted with Richard Browne and John Evelyn. Made High Sheriff of Yorkshire in 1661 and MP for York in 1665, joint Treasurer of the Navy in 1668 and commissioner for the state treasury in 1669. He was appointed a commissioner for the admiralty in 1673 and created Baron Osborne of Kiveton, Viscount Latimer of Danby and Viscount Osborne the same year. Created Earl of Danby in 1674. He fell out of favour in the late 1670s largely due to his response to the Popish Plot; he was impeached and imprisoned in the Tower until 1685. He played an important role in William and Mary's deposition of James II and was created Marquess of Carmarthen in 1689 and Duke of Leeds in 1694.

Characteristic Markings

Bookplate of Thomas Osborne, Duke of Leeds (BM Franks Collection *14)

Used engraved armorial bookplates dated 1701(Franks 22435/*14/*21). A catalogue of his library, made in 1686, is in British Library Egerton ms 3394.