Venterus Mandey 1646-1702

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Venterus MANDEY 1646-1702

Biographical Note

Recorded as a teacher of mathematics, and author/translator of books on mechanics and measuring; in his will, he describes himself as a bricklayer, of the parish of St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex.


In his will, Mandey directed that his books be divided into three equal parts among his sons Benjamin, Henry and Samuel; Henry was also to received his ladders, tools, and mathematical instruments. His library was auctioned in London across two sales, 21.2.1709 and 13.3.1714. No catalogue survives for the first, which was advertised in the Daily Courant referring to mathematical books, along with books on architecture, fortification, music and other subjects, in Latin, French, English, Italian and Dutch.