William Anderton d.ca.1699?

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ANDERTON d.ca.1699?

Biographical Note

An auction sale held in Oxford in 1699, Bibliotheca Andertoniana, has been attributed by Munby & Coral and ESTC (but not by Alston) to William Anderton, printer in London, executed in 1693 for printing treasonable pamphlets. The contents of this sale seem much more likely to have belonged to a clergyman or an academic than a printer, and this attribution seems doubtful. There is however no obvious Anderton traceable in the Oxford or Cambridge university lists.


This sale, held 1.3.1699, contained 1312 lots, subdivided into Latin theological and miscellaneous (702 lots), English divinity and miscellaneous (593), and 17 "libri omissi".


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