William Brydges 1681-1764

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William BRYDGES 1681-1764

Brydges's bookplate (British Museum Franks Collection *318)

Biographical Note

Son of Francis Brydges of Castle Street, Hereford. He entered the Middle Temple in 1702 and it is not clear whether he pursued an active legal career thereafter, or concentrated his activities on his life as a wealthy landowner in Herefordshire, with an estate at Tibberton and property elsewhere. An extensive archive of his papers survives in the Huntington Library, California (mssHM 75705-75763).


Brydges used an engraved armorial bookplate, dated 1704 (Franks 4197/*318); the extent and disposition of his library is not known. His will has no mention of books, which would have been included with his personal estate and "household stuff"; this, with much of his property, was originally bequeathed to his wife Catherine, but as she predeceased him his principal heir became instead his grandson Francis (who was a minor in 1764, so the estate was vested in trustees on his behalf).