William Bucknall d.1707

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William BUCKNALL d.1707

Biographical Note

Son of Ralph Bucknall, a successful London brewer and tax farmer, MP for Petersfield 1701. His education and career is not known, but is likely to have been in London trade; in his will, in which his father and brother in law Matthew Howard were named as executors, he described himself as a gentleman of the parish of St Giles in the Fields.


Bucknall's will has no mention of books; all the residue of his estate and chattels were left to his executors in trust to be disposed of as they thought best, to support the education and upbringing of his daughter Sarah. His library was sold by retail sale in London, together with the books of Robert Evelyn, beginning 27 October 1707. No catalogue survives but the sale was advertised in The Daily Courant as "an extraordinary collection of the most valuable authors in Greek, Latin, Spanish, Italian, French and English".

Characteristic Markings

None of Bucknall's books have been identified.