William Conyngham 1723-1784

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William CONYNGHAM, 1723-1784

Biographical Note

Colonel William Conyngham (1723-1784) was the son of George Butle Conyngham (d.1765). A professional soldier, he who fought in the Seven Years’ War as a Colonel of the Black, or the 4th Regiment of Horse. Correspondence of his from this conflict is held in the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland. On retiring from military service in 1765, he returned to the family estate at Springhill, Co. Londonderry. The Colonel had succeeded to the estate upon his father’s death; he renovated and added to Springhill.

Positions held include, Deputy Governor of Co. Londonderry and, briefly, MP for Dundalk. In 1775, he married Mrs Jean Hamilton (n.d.), widow of John Hamilton of Castlefinn, Co. Donegal.


The extent and disposition of Colonel William Conyngham’s library are not known. Approximately 10 books that may be connected to him remain in the library at the National Trust’s Springhill. These are works in English, French, and Latin. They include works on the conduct of war, reformation history, aesthetics, and theology.

Inscription of Colonel William Conyngham (Springhill)

Characteristic Markings

Like William ‘Good-Will’ Conygham (d.1721) of Springhill, Colonel William Conyngham inscribed his books (generally on the title page) ‘Wm. Conynghmam’. As books which belonged to both men remain at Springhill, this may lead to confusion.


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