William Creed 1659/60-1711

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William CREED 1659/60-1711

Biographical Note

Son of William Creed, archdeacon of Wiltshire and regius professor of divinity at Oxford. BA Corpus Christi College, Oxford 1679, fellow and MA 1683, BMed 1688, DMed 1694; described himself in his will as doctor of physick and fellow of Corpus Christi, so presumably practised medicine in Oxford.


In his will, Creed bequeathed all his physick books, not already in the Library, to Corpus Christi. He also left the College forty shillings "to change their old Nizolius Lexicon that ... received some damage in my chamber" [i.e. the Thesaurus Ciceronianus of Marius Nizolius]. All the residue of his estate was left to his brother Robert. Examples: Corpus Christi, Oxford N.3.3; NN.8.19; N.16.8 and numerous others there.

Characteristic Markings

Creed's books in Corpus Christi are regularly annotated by him in various ways, usually with the inscription "è lib. Gul. Creed e CCC Oxon" with the date, and sometimes a price paid. All have a college inscription detailing that they were part of a bequest.


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