William Cunningham d.1734

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William CUNNINGHAM, 12th Earl of Glencairn, d. 1734

William Cunningham's bookplate (British Museum Franks Collection *484)

Biographical Note

Son of John Cunningham, 11th Earl of Glencairn, (1673–1703). Member of the Privy Council under Queen Anne; captain and governor of the castle of Dunbarton (1715-34). Father of William Cunningham, 13th Earl of Glencairn (d. 1775).

His bookplate was re-used by his grandson James Cunningham, 14th Earl of Dunbar (1749–1791).


Used an engraved bookplate:

Franks 7596/*484 (Cunningham), The Right Honble. William Earl of Glencairne.


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