William Juxon 1582-1663

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William JUXON 1582-1663

Armorial stamp of William Juxon (British Armorial Bindings)
Armorial stamp of William Juxon (British Armorial Bindings)

Biographical Note

Born at Chichester, son of Richard Juxon, registrar to the bishops of Chichester. BCL St John's College, Oxford 1603, and shortly afterwards entered Gray's Inn; he soon returned to St John's as a fellow there; DCL, 1622. Vicar of St Giles, Oxford 1610, of Somerton, Oxfordshire 1616. President of St John's 1621, royal chaplain 1627, Dean of Worcester 1628, Bishop of London 1633, Lord Treasurer 1636. He managed to avoid being a high profile target during the 1640s and retired to the country with his brother John during the Interregnum. At the Restoration in 1660 he was made Archbishop of Canterbury but he was not a leading figure in ecclesiastical politics during the few years up to his death.


Juxon's will has no specific mention of books, and is largely concerned with monetary bequests across family, friends, and institutions. His books passed as part of the residue of his estate to his nephew Sir William Juxon, who gave many to St John's in 1664; over 100 survive there today. Examples: numerous at St John's, and some in the Bodleian, findable in the SOLO catalogue.

Characteristic Markings

Some of the books at St John's are decorated with one of several armorial stamps of Juxon's arms, recorded in the Armorials Database.