William Waad 1546-1623

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William WAAD 1546-1623

Waad's inscription on the title page of L' histoire notable de la Floride située es Indes Occidentales (Paris, 1587) in Middle Temple Library [BAY L530].

Biographical Note

Son of Armagil Waad and Alice Patten. Admitted Gray's Inn in 1571. Waad's patron was William Cecil, in whose house he spent time as a young man. He travelled to much of Europe and was involved with multiple embassies throughout his career, being a skilled diplomat and trusted intelligencer. He was made a clerk of the privy council in 1584, and from 1587 the main focus of his work was the investigation of recusant plots. He served as an MP for various boroughs between 1585-1604, and was justice of the peace for Middlesex from 1591 and Kent from 1592. When James became king, Waad was knighted and appointed lieutenant of the Tower. He was a shareholder in the Virginia Company, his name appearing in its 1609 charter.


The extent and disposition of Waad's library is unknown, but five of his books survive in the library of Middle Temple.

Characteristic Markings

Waad's books at Middle Temple all feature his inscription, "W. Waad", on their title page.